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Adopt Adult Rabbits!

Please support responsible citizens in helping place their pets in new homes and cut this endless cycle of rabbit abandonment at parks! And shelter rabbits lose their lives quickly as they chew up everything and the cage mats. 


Local Rabbit Adoption

Catnip and Carrots 

Huntington Beach 


Irvine Animal Care Center Has A Farm Animal Section!


Irvine Animal Care Center

6443 Oak Canyon (at Sand Canyon)


CA 92620-4202

Telephone:  949.724.7741

Hours:	Mon		10:00am - 5:00pm

	Wed		10:00am - 7:00pm

	Thurs. - Sat	10:00am - 5:00pm

	Sun		12  noon - 4:00pm

Closed on Tuesdays.


Dear  Kids and Parents,

There are lots of rabbits in shelters who need good homes. Every child wants a bunny at one time or another because they are so cute. Children can often lose interest in rabbits because they donít respond to humans in the same way that kittens and puppies do. Parents need to be ready to be the caretaker when that happens?

Rabbits can be wonderful, charming family members if parents and children educate themselves first. Caring for a rabbit is not like caring for a dog or cat. They are very social, and need lots of interaction with humans. They do not thrive when left in a hutch in the backyard.

A good source for rabbit information is or The House Rabbit Handbook. Let learning about rabbits before you buy be a family project.

Your furry friend, 


Always Spay and Neuter Rabbits!


 Neuter A Male Rabbit


 Animal Medical Center


Fountain Valley, CA 

   Spay Female Rabbits $75.00

 Animal Medical Center


Fountain Valley, CA 

Do You Have a Rabbit That Needs A New Loving home?

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Always spay, neuter, microchip, collar and tag your pets.