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Desperate Felines 

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Orange and White Male, Neutered




Orange & White Male Neutered


Conrad and Spots 

These two orange and white year old brothers really need your help. Spots and Conrad arenít mean or destructive, they just want to hide until they feel safe. They really need a permanent home. 

Their hiding and avoidance has found them difficult to adopt. Children believe that the cats donít like them and most adults want to experience a relationship with an affectionate cat. The two were not born feral and are not abused. Their mother was simply a stray that was given food and shelter and the babies were left alone to frolic and play indoors while their rescuer worked long hours.  Conrad and Spots will settle into a new home with a patient pet-parent who we can teach to use food as a behavior modifier that would encourage them to bond.

 Please call the organizations cell phone 949.533.0411, or give a donation to support pro-life rescue. Memo your check , non-profit tax ID 33-0971560 and mail to Community Animal Network, P.O. Box 8662 Newport Beach, CA, 92658.    



Always spay, neuter, microchip, collar and tag your pets.