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Who Is the Animal Network of Orange County?

  • Animal Network was founded By DiAnna Pfaff-Martin, who also founded, Community Animal Network a non-profit vet medical rescue 501.3C that rescues local death row shelter and abandoned animals.
  • Network placement dollars protect Community Animal Network's donated dollars by taking all operations debt. Community Animal Network's donated dollars go only to vet services and medical supplies, food and care of the rescue animals.  
  • Places private party and rescue dogs and cats into new homes for a small fee. (Fee Waived For Rescue Organizations Who Volunteer Their Time)
  • A pro-quality-life organization that believes animals have the right to find a home they are happy in.
  • A good choice for people who need new homes for their pets and want to avoid the uncertainty of the shelter system.
  • Successful in finding new homes for local animals. Placed 600 animals into new homes in the year 2001.
  • Has a strong referral base and a successful website here at: www.animalnetwork.org
  • www.animalnetwork.org Offers A Free Missing Pet Directory For Local animals and Pet Friendly Rental Real Estate Listing
  • A Photo Of “The Pet Of The Week” Is Featured In The Daily Pilot Newspaper Announcing The Upcoming Adoptions
  • Promotes Animals At Newport Beach’s Exclusive Fashion Island Shopping Center and at Irvine Market Place In Front Of Russo’s Pet Store
  • Accepts Volunteers as Young As Elementary Age To Interface Politely With The Public At Public Adoption Events. 

Who Is C.A.N.?

  • C.A.N. (Community Animal Network) rescues sick, injured, pregnant and animals deemed unadoptable with treatable conditions from shelters on death row.
  • CAN (Community Animal Network) is citizen operated, the organization pays for all expenses for the foster families who are the caregivers for the rescue animals. (vet services, vet medical supplies and all food, litter and supplies) 
  • We're a local Newport Beach 501.C non-profit corporation, Tax ID 33-0971560
  • CAN protects Newport Beach shelter animals by giving visibility to "at risk" animals, in the Daily Pilot. We also pay for needed surgeries to make the animals adoptable and promote death row animals in high traffic business locations.
  • Local high school students receive community service hours for helping to rescue death row animals and for caring for them in their homes. Elementary age volunteers interface politely with the public at public adoption events.

C.A.N. is a pro-quality-life organization. We save the lives of animals on death row and treat their curable illnesses and conditions. To make a donation and give life to animals that otherwise do not have a chance at shelters, please

Make Tax Deductible Veterinary Medical Donations To :

Community Animal Network
FED TAX ID 33-0971560
P.O. Box 8662
Newport Beach, California 92658
9 4 9. 7 5 9 . 3 6 4 6

About the Founder and Director, DiAnna Pfaff-Martin:

Letters to the Founder

DiAnna Pfaff-Martin was raised in Newport Beach, CA.  Daughter of well-respected Dr.Dudley A. Pfaff Jr. who volunteered his time to be the team physician for Jr. Lifeguards, Pop Warner and Junior All American football teams, as well as for the local Costa Mesa and Newport Beach High schools, giving physicals and treating the teams at the bench until his retirement. 

DiAnna remembers a Newport Beach with hills to roll down and her horses to ride and many animals made her house a home. Since 1996, DiAnna began making a difference in the life of local pets in 1996 when she began publishing her own local pet paper, educating pet owners, and getting animals new home through ads in her publication, "The Community Animal Report." She became successful by publicly promoting her pet paper and photos of local shelter animals in high traffic business areas in Newport Beach, California.

Her first animal organization, “The Community Animal Network”aka C.A.N., restructured into a public benefit tax exempt corporation in the year 2001 to allow the pet-loving community to give their dollars to support the veterinarian needs and the care of local rescued animals.

DiAnna founded her second animal organization, “The Animal Network of Orange County” as a pet placement organization, continuing her work to promote local animals finding new homes. The Animal Network takes all operations debt for C.A.N. (Community Animal Network) thereby protecting donated dollars to be used only for the vet medical needs and care of local death row and abandoned rescued animals. 

Di Anna publishes a “new” special topic publication called, “The Animal Report Of Orange County” as a community service.

Ms. Pfaff-Martin has modeled nationally since age 16, designed and manufactured her own clothing line in San Francisco during the 70's she called, "creative classics. In the 80's she married and had a son. DiAnna and her husband operated a bed and breakfast called, "The Masonic Manor" in San Francisco, in which DiAnna designed the "Iris" suite and "Orchid" room for travelers' enjoyment and  incorporated fashion shows for some guests entertainment. DiAnna founded a three dimensional image company (visual, verbal and non-verbal image management), called California Image Advisors in 1987. She continues her work upon request for her long term clients. DiAnna has found her “passion’s purpose” in getting animals new homes.

How Local Businesses Benefit:

  • Advertising your business increases your visibility and you receive community goodwill.
  • Businesses that support animal organizations increase in their business, thereby increasing profits.
  • People who adopt animals often purchase other products and dine at nearby stores during adoption events each weekend.
  • Sponsoring companies are benefited by having their name/advertisement added to our website.

How to Contact THE ANIMAL NETWORK Of Orange County

Executive Office:

List Your Pet For Adoption:


To Become A Foster Family To An Animal In Need:


e-mail us at Contact@animalnetwork.org

Postal Mail:
P.O. Box 8662,
Newport Beach, CA 92658

The Animal Network assumes no liability or responsibility for the actions or behavior of animals listed herein, referred by phone, pictured here, sponsored in the local papers, or fostered in homes.

Questions? Comments? Email: DiAnna@animalnetwork.org

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Note!Always spay, neuter, microchip, collar and tag your pets.