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Feline Disaster  Preparedness

Information  Page

Whether It Be Disasters Created By Man


 Or Natural Disasters Be Prepared To Save Your Pets!  

Orange County Firestorm As Seen From Dana Point Harbor



This information has been written by DiAnna Pfaff-Martin the founder of Community Animal Network. Some items you may wonder why the need to purchase as they are bigger and bulkier than you would feel be necessary. However, considering that you may travel with the animals and need to confine them other than being inside a carrier, it would be necessary.

CAUTION: Your beloved felines may become aggressive with each other when placed together in a small spot. Be aware that even the most loving cat when frightened can scratch. Have a large bath towel to cover a stressed animal before trying to move it. 



     Be Prepared

 • Right NOW have your animal microchipped ( Cost: approx. $35.00 - $50.00 + pet registration     fee) And mail in and pay the small Pet Registration fee.

• Rotate Fresh Water in your disaster kit every two months

• Make and Keep an Animal Identification Document with Emergency Contact Information – Store in A Baggie or Have Laminated

  • Purchase a “Dog Fence” / “Playpen” style and use a king size sheet secured with clothes pins to secure it as a cover to contain the cat(s) without having to be in a carrier for endless hours.

• Have a Cat Harness / Leash For Each Animal



 Identification Document 

• Animals Gender and Name

• Microchip Number

• Current Medications & Special Conditions

• Emergency Family and Friends Contacts



Pet Personals 

• Collar and Current Pet Tag

• Cat Litter

• Litter Scooper

• Litter Bags / Baggies or Brown bags

• Photo of You and Your Pet In Case You Get Separated and To Prove Ownership. 



• Current Medications



• Paper towels

• Disinfectant / Hand sanitizer

• LitterPan

• Litter Scooper

• Litter – Because you may not be able to change the litter use only scoopable litter for disaster relief



• Hydrogen Peroxide

• Cotton Balls

• Neosporin

• Surgical Tape

• Ace Bandage



Luggage Carrier

Bungee Cords

Large Pet Carrier (One for Each Animal – Stress brings out aggression)

Aluminum pan 12” (sold at the grocery as a lasagna baking pan)

Terry Cloth Towels – Line your Carrier In case of Urination

Pack A Detailed Road Map to Get Off Major Roads That May Be Closed or Crowded



Collapsible Water bowl

Food Bowl

Case of canned cat food

Large Bag of Dry Food

Large Trash Can liner 

Spoon/ Fork  

Travel Size Dish Soap



• Research Hotels that take pets in Advance

• Gather A List Of Boarding Facilities Outside of Your Area



• Pack phone numbers along with a copy of web site important information




Always spay, neuter, microchip, collar and tag your pets.