June 2003


I am Sammy's foster mom. Wanted to update you on her progress. She was fixed yesterday and, as you know, had surgery on her leg. She was completely out of it yesterday. This morning I put her on her little rug and she is alert. She can't walk yet because of her leg. So, she is just laying down. Can tell she is still in a bit of pain. However, the little sweetie is doing great. This cat has a strong spirit!

Was talking to a friend yesterday and they asked how Sammy was doing after her surgery. Then they proceeded to tell me how lucky Sammy was that she was saved and had me fostering her. However, Sammy's true angel is YOU. You were the one that rescued her, you were the one that had to find a foster home. You were the one that paid for her spaying and surgery! You are the one that devotes your life to saving thousands of cats. You are the one that is constantly looking for volunteers to help with your rescue organization. You are the one that has to actively look for funds to pay for their medical expenses. For all of this I just want to say, THANK YOU!! You make such a difference to all the kitties and cats you save! Thus, Sammy is truly lucky to have found her way to you. We both say Thank You for saving her life and for all the hard work you do with your rescue.

Someone is truly going to get the most wonderful companion when they adopt her. If I did not have birds and allergies, I would take her in a heartbeat!