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Adopting From Our Network 

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Thoughts To Consider Before Adopting  

Remember, it is more humane and best to get two tiny kittens! They play a lot when you are gone to school, or work and we have a three month payment plan when you adopt two.  

Please be aware that many tiny kittens are sad to leave their play pals and have usually bonded with a littermate that they have naturally selected who is equally- yoked with the same energy levels and has a compatible temperament. So, ask the caregiver's about who would make a nice pair and try not to split up best friends. You will get a better matched pair this way.

Besides having a more difficult time finding a home, many momma cats cry without their babies or become anxious when their babies are gone and search all over the house. If you would experience what we do you would open your heart to our "Mom and Baby Special" and adopt the momma cat half price. 

If you currently have a cat get another cat of similar age! Please know that cats live in colonies naturally and that Over 50% of Adult Animals Loose their Lives in our municipal shelter system because People Only Adopt The babies! When you adopt an adult cat you save a life! All of our kittens will find homes!

If you have a cat over eight always get two kittens! Older animals don't enjoy being disturbed but do enjoy watching young animals play endlessly! 


Making the Right Match 

 We want to help you to make the right choice for you, your family and your lifestyle. Most of our kittens are raise in private homes with people who love them and give them lots of love and attention, thus we raise some of the best pet-quality animals in Orange County.  

However, some "Network" animals come from rescue situations that may demand that a kitten or cat be placed in an adult home without children. We will make recommendations so that you and your family can have the best possible adoption experience, so please allow us to be your guide.   

We believe that you will be adopting a new family member and therefore we take the adoption process very seriously. Our caregiver's know a lot about the animals and you may speak with them either in person, or on a cell phone.

Give Yourself Enough Time   

Our adoption events can be crowded with strollers and people buzzing around and therefore it may take awhile to select and complete our adoption process. The events can be fun and exciting but only frustrating if you have time constraints. 

We have a mandatory 30 minute "Pet Parenting" class that is required to inform you of the latest products and how to transition your new pet into its' new home. 



What You Need To Be Able To Adopt From "Our Network" 

  • You must be 21 years of age or older; have proper current identification.
  • Proof of current residence. (drivers license, utility bill, auto registration  confirming your current residence)
  • Adult Children who live at home must have their parents present.    
  • Renters: you must be the lease holder (not a roommate) and have a copy of the lease indicating that a pet is welcome and that you have paid any required deposits.
  • When you adopt a "Network" animal, you are committing to maintaining the health of the animal and protect the animal from predators. 
  • BE PREPARED... a godparent or a nearest relative*, who will agree to protect your pet in case one of life's many uncertainties, is required. (The Godparent cannot live in the same house)
    *You need the godparent or nearest relative's commitment - Driver's license number, name, address and phone number is required for our contract.

What to Bring

  • Cardboard carriers are provided. But, if you already have a carrier bring it along with a towel inside. Many of our animals are so nervous at adoption they may not have used a littler box while completing the adoption process. 



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Always spay, neuter, microchip, collar and tag your pets.