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Adoption Benefits 

People who adopt one of our "Network Family Members" receive club prices and benefits 

We Are Under Construction To Better Serve You

"Feline 30 Day Health Guarantee"

Your new animal was treated for known common rescue conditions such as ear mite, worms, fleas, colds, prior to adoption. During the 30 day period we will treat any new condition or continue treatment on those conditions that persist.  

Restrictions apply* We do not reimburse for any vet treatments that you choose to do, nor can we guarantee that your animal is free from congenital problems that are unknown at this time.  See our contract behavior and medical disclosures for any known problems. If after adoption there is health condition that you are concerned about, notify the founder of the organization DiAnna Pfaff-Martin at the phone number on the outside of your adoption packet. (We covered customary rescue conditions after adoption such as ear mites, worms, diarrhea, fever, colds, mange, ringworm)                                          

"30 Minute Feline Pet-parenting Class"

Some things your mother didn't know to tell you! Learn about cat litters, common vet medical conditions that that can save lives and your money! Discover the new vaccine protocol and why things have changed, besides how to train your cat to come when its called and become more affectionate and interactive using behavior modification techniques.   

"Free Health Exam" 

Receive a complimentary health exam from a local veterinarian  

"Well-Priced Booster Vaccines"

  • "Network Family Members" receive great prices on vaccine boosters for dogs and cats adopted from our network.  

Restrictions apply*  Saturdays ONLY between 2- 4:00 pm we offer booster vaccines for animals adopted from us.  Our special prices require checks or cash only, no credit cards.   Bring your Adoption Packet with your animals health record.

Avid Micro-Chip and Paid Pet-Trac Registration Fee

24-7 Protection with the tiny life-saving chip that is implanted under the skin between the shoulder blades


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Always spay, neuter, microchip, collar and tag your pets.