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The Animal Network of Orange County:
An organization dedicated to supporting local pets in finding new homes.

Hi! Welcome to our "How to adopt" page! This is where you can find all the information and links you need to adopt a pet from us! Scroll down or select from the topics listed below:


About our adoption program:

Where do we get our animals? We get our pets from several sources: Through our spay and return program we take in babies that are born to family pets, spay the mother, and care for and find new homes for them once they are old enough. We rescue kittens that are born to stray mothers in hopes of domesticating and finding them happy and healthy homes. We also rescue older pets from animal shelters and take in pets, that for one reason or another, that people just cannot keep in their families anymore. We work to decrease the population of stray pets and to find good homes for those that need them.

So why adopt from us anyway? Well, for one thing we love animals and are here to take good care of these pets while they are in transition between homes. We take care of their medical needs and never kill animals that become too expensive, nor do we restrict any animal from being rescued and adopted into a loving home simply because of the cost. We believe that every animal deserves a good, responsible, and loving home.

Many of our rescue kittens are bottle fed & hand raised in caring homes by local families; fed premium foods, blood tested, MICROCHIPPED, neutered, given their shots, dewormed, and treated to prevent fleas.

And to insure that you get a healthy pet that is well suited to your home we also offer a: 30 DAY HEALTH GUARANTEE, & 30 DAY RETURN POLICY. When you adopt from us, we want you to know that you are getting a healthy pet that will be happy in your home and really become a part of your family.

Our adoptions are subject to our approval. We reserve the right to refuse anyone.


How to find your new pet:

REMEMBER! Even if at first you don't find the perfect pet, keep checking back with us. The pets coming to our events each weekend change and so do our online listings!

Good luck!


"I found a pet on your site that I like, Now what?"

First, carefully read through the information listed with the animal you like.

-Is there a phone number listed with the pet you found? If so, you can call the caregiver directly to arrange an at-home visit to see the pet in an environment where it is comfortable. Remember to write down any details about the pet you saw listed: name, sex, color, age, etc., so that we can know what animal you are talking about when you call, most our foster mothers are caring for many cats and kittens in their homes.

-Is it a kitten or pet that is available for pre-adoption? If so, then the pet you see is not yet ready to be taken away from its mother or out of its current home due to a medical condition. However, you can still visit and reserve this pet. Click here to download the Pre-Adoption Questionnaire(.doc).

-Does it list dates and location for viewing at our adoption event? If so, then the pet you see should be attending that event. Read the following section, "Being prepared when you attend our adoption events," and attend our event to view the pet and decide whether or not to adopt it.

-If no contact or adoption event information is listed, write down the description of the pet and caregiver's name and email us at: with your information and the description of the animal you want, and we will get in contact with you about adopting that animal.



Being prepared when you attend our adoption events:

Every Saturday and Sunday, rain or shine, we hold adoption events in front of the Russo's pet stores at Fashion Island Shopping Center. The events run from noon to 4pm both days and are where most of our adoptions happen! You can see our online adoption lists for exact colors and sexes of animals that will be present at our weekend adoption event locations. Newer animals, however, have probably not yet been listed, so come to the event to view our newest members.

What You Need To Be Able To Adopt From "Our Network" 

  • Bring A Pet Carrier! Cardboard carriers are also available from the Russo's pet store.
  • Renters: you must be the lease holder and have a copy of the lease indicating that a pet is welcome and that you have paid any required deposits.
  • You must be 21 years of age or older; have proper identification and proof of current residence. (drivers license, and a utility bill indicating your current residence)
  • When you adopt a "Network" animal, you are comitting to maintaining the health of the animal, protect the animal from predators, tag or microchip your animal, purchase any needed booster shots and mail in a copy of your paid receipt for verification.
  • BE PREPARED... a godparent or a nearest relative*, who will agree to protect your pet in case one of life's many uncertainties, is required.(The Godparent cannot live in the same house)
    *You need the godparent or nearest relative's commitment - Driver's license number, name, address and phone number is required for our contract.


Adoption fees:

Our Rescued Animals have a 30 day health guarantee and a 30 day return policy

Bottle Fed Kittens $250.00 includes microchip and registration for your pet
Pure Bred Look-A-Like Cats/Kittens $250.00 includes microchip and registration
Quality Care Rescue Kittens $225.00 includes microchip and registration
Healthy Rescue Cats $175.00 includes microchip and registration

Pre-loved Cat


with microchip

Expensive? Compare cost! View a cat vet bill

Healthy Rescue Dogs $175.00-
additional for microchip
Pre-loved Dogs
(Private Party Pets Needing New Homes)
additional for microchip

We rescue from shelters "Death Row" and some of theses animals have needed expensive medical attention. We have repaired broken bones, done reconstructive eyelid surgeries and hips on large dogs, we biopsy lumps, treat mange, ringworm and disclose all medical and behavior on your contract.

We spare no expense to save the lives and readying animals for adoption. However, our most common and lingering problem in rescue animals is ear mites! Extended treatment is often necessary and customary, so don't seem surprised if we give you ear mite medication when you adopt.


On a Final Note,

We encourage Orange County citizens to adopt animals at risk from their local animal shelter, be their foster parent and use our placement service to help save lives. The Animal Network does not have a kennel. We are citizen operated and community supported! Become part of the solution! "Together, we C.A.N. make a difference!"

When you adopt a "Pre-loved Pet" through our "Network," know that you are helping local people place pets in new homes the responsible way. "The Network" gives people a positive alternative to abandoning or dumping their animals. Little thought is given to the pets that are affected by our ever-changing lifestyle. People relocate to countries that have strict quarantine rules, move to pet restrictive housing, get divorced, are allergic, family members die, or are placed in homes for the aged. All of these circumstances cause their pets to need new loving homes. So please support our goal to stop animal abandonment and adopt a "Network" animal in need

We introduced the concept of 'Pre-loved Pets' to the community just as Mercedes dealerships introduced the 'pre-owned' car. Adopt from or list in our 'Pre-loved Pets' Classifieds. Adopting an animal in need rewards you with love and the appreciation of the community. Local businesses, veterinarian hospitals and dog trainers all support our adoptions with special discounts to encourage adopting a "Network" animal.

Network Adoption Lists:


Do you Qualify to adopt?

CLICK HERE to fill out our qualification form

Note!Always spay, neuter, microchip, collar and tag your pets.