Do you Qualify to Adopt a pet? (Scroll down for Pre-adoption questionnaire)

TO EXPEDITE YOUR ADOPTION.... Please print and complete the questionnaire and bring it to the adoption event for approval. Before Finalizing Your Decision About Which Pet You Want, Please Consider Some of The Following Facts and information. 


If You Adopt A Dog...Do You Have Time To Walk With It? Are You Aware… That Some Dogs Destroy Property Because they are lonely and may get protective over favorite foods? Did you know that hiring a dog trainer can make dog ownership more pleasant, give you good idea and help solve common problems? All our adoptions come with "free" phone consultations from Valerie Pollard Dog Training. 


Because old people have thin skin and their animals may out live them, it is not recommend that older people get young kittens. If you adopt a kitten... Did you know young kittens often damage drapes, clothing, ladies hosiery and are happiest to have another young animal to play with. A kitten of four to six months old is just as cute and can control their claws thus damage less property. 

If you have a cat 10 years or older, get two kittens so they will not disturb the peace of your older pet.    


It is not true that cats should live alone and you cannot get another adult cat. Cats live in colonies in nature and do get along with each other. Cats are introduced slowly. We have handouts on how to do it! Cats are never put nose to nose to meet!

If you are selecting a new friend for your cat, because you think they are lonely, Match temperaments! If you already have a couch potato cat, your new cat should be mellow, not active. Matching temperaments is often best. Our foster families can tell you a lot about the animals they care for. We call the foster parents on our cell phones and let you talk to them at the adoption event! They want them to be happy in their new home.  

Facts of Life And Death 

Everyone loves kittens and puppies, but they all grow up to be cats and dogs! Older animals are dying for your help. An alarming 18,000 dogs and cats were killed at our  Orange County Animal Shelter in 1999. Many of these animals were unable to be found by their owners. Please consider having a microchip implanted in your new pet (available at your veterinarian) and always collar and tag  your new pet

What to tell your kids about rescuing an older animal

Ask your kids, if they lost their dog or cat wouldn't they want someone to open their heart and adopt an older animal to save their lost pet's life? To change the next generation, we need to Ooh-Ooh-Ooh and Ah-Ah-Ah when we see an older animal for adoption! Discuss with your children how sad the animal may look because it has lost its family. Encourage your kids, wife or husband to save a life. Adopt an older animal!

What do I need to adopt a pet from "The Network"?


The Animal Network of Orange County 2001

ANIMAL OF INTEREST:  (Use the information from adopt a dog or cat) 

Rescue Date: 

Color / Breed: 

BI #: 

Rescue Location: 


Foster Home: 








Why Do You Want To Adopt A New Pet? ______________________


How Did You Hear About Our Adoption Events?



What Kind Of Animals Are There In Your Home And How Old Are They?



What Are the Ages Of The People Living in Your Home?



Are The People You Live With Related? If Not, What Is The Relationship? 


Do You:       ˙ Own         ˙ Rent

Type of Residence:   ˙ House  ˙ Condo/Townhome  ˙ Apartment

Who Shares The Residence?    ˙ Husband     ˙ Wife     ˙ Housemate

What Ages Children Live In the home

˙ None ˙ 1-5 ˙ 6-9 ˙ 10-13 ˙ 14-18

Have You Ever Had To Give Up A Pet? 

If So, Who Is Caring For The Pet Now, Or Where Did You Take It?

Friend/ Relative Name: ______________________________________

Name Of Animal Shelter: ____________________________________

Animal Rescue: ____________________________________________


Note!Always spay, neuter, microchip, collar and tag your pets.
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