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"EVERY" Cat That Is Listed And Whose Caregiver Participates In Our Pet-In-Public Adoption Events Has Found A HOME!



   I am DiAnna Pfaff-Martin, I have been active in placing  pets into homes since 1996. 

Allow us to introduce our services and how the process works.

 There are three ways our organization can assist you:

 OPTION 1 - Unlimited Pets-in-Public Showings

Give Your Time and We'll Show You Success!

$150.00 Listing Service Fee

"Option 1" maximizes your personal efforts and "Option 2" maximizes your advertising efforts/ We suggest both being combined for the fastest results. 

 A one time $150.00 service fee gives you unlimited opportunities to show your vaccinated, pet-quality cat at our “Pets In Public” showing at Fashion Island Shopping Center that is sponsored by Russo’s Pet Experience, as well as featured in DiAnna's "Pet of The Week" column in the local Los Angeles Times "Daily Pilot". Animals being shown at our weekend adoption events must be scheduled in advance  and have have current vaccine records and have been altered.

OPTION - 1 -  takes more effort on your part but offers significantly more success, as people may see the web site and be encouraged to come to the Fashion Island weekend event.  Meeting an animal in person generates an emotional response and thoughts thereafter often leading to confirming an adoption.

* all cats must have proof of current vaccine records and have been altered.

* Current pet-parents agree to support a 30 day return policy, therefore full disclosure of behaviors and house manners is necessary to find the right home the first time. 

 Option 1 "Pets-In-Public" showings has 100% success pet-parents who participate at our public events. 

OPTION 2 - E-Publishing & Writing Services - $250.00 Publishing Service Fee
                                    * This Option Is Best Supported With OPTION 1 
Customized Writing Services - E-Publishing gives the animal rescuer or pet owner the opportunity to provide maximum promotion for an animal in need. A "Feature Story is written an e-published and appears on the web site home page as well as e-mailed to the pet-loving community using DiAnna's contact data base filled with animal lovers, her family, friends and those on her social butterfly list who know her dedication through her through her work with animals.

OPTION 3 - 90 Day Web Marketing for ONLY $ 100.00 service fee   

* READ THIS DISCLOSURE: Option 3 - Does Not Produce Results In A Timely Manner. 

There are so many animals needing new homes that extra effort. Our other marketing strategies provide the best results unless the pet is a purebred or is one of the small new designer breed mixes.      

"Ninety Day" Web Listing Includes a "Pet Web Photo and Pet Bio" to be listed on cat page.                      

           You submit a selection of digital photos and a pet-bio.
                             *all cats must have proof of current vaccine records and have been altered.

Both Option 1 and Option 2 combined provides the recommended maximize advertising efforts. 

To list your rescue or your pet for adoption or for more information e-mail

or call 949.759.3646 to discuss the programs

 OPTION 3 - 90 Day Web-Marketing $ 100.00 service fee             

This "Ninety Day" Web Listing with a "Pet Web Photo" supplied by you* or We offer "Pet Photography" services for $35.00.  Your cats photo and pet bio will be featured on's cat adoption page as well as multiple pet-adoption web sites.  *all cats must have proof of current vaccine records and have been altered. If someone is interested in your cat we will contact you and arrange a public showing. At the time of adoption our organization accepts a placement fee, microchips the animal and registers it to the new pet-parent. Full disclosure of behavior and medical will insure we find the right home the first time. You will be asked to commit to our 30 day return policy.

To proceed e-mail to receive the listing forms

or call 949.759.3646 to discuss the programs

 BENEFITS OF PLACING YOUR CAT THROUGH US is working for you 24 hours a day right here in Orange County. We give your cat the best opportunity to be seen by local people. For over a decade our web address has been published in local papers and in over 30 zip code sections of the PennySaver. Our public adoption events have become well recognized and know to locals.  

RETURN POLICY:  A 30 day return policy gives your animal protection. Finding a life-long new home is based on the cats temperament and special needs, therefore it is necessary for you to fully disclose any behaviors, medical treatments or issues. Full disclosure lowers the risk of your animal being returned.

ADOPTION AGREEMENT:  An adoption agreement is signed by the "new" pet parent which transfers legal custody as well as identifies behaviors, medical treatments and confirms their right to a 30 "pet-return policy".

MICROCHIP IMPLANT: If you animal does not have a microchip we will perform a non-surgical procedure to implant a tiny microchip between the shoulder blades and registered the chip to the new pet-parent after thirty days.* Microchips have proven to save lives and recover lost animals.

PLACEMENT FEE: Animal Network receives a placement service fee from the “new” pet parent at the time of the animals contractual transfer.  

Most returns can be avoided if behaviors and veterinary needs are disclosed ahead of time. We need to find right pet match for the situation the first time. For example; if a dog is young and very active we need to find an active family, not someone who is gone all day. 

Finally, ALL animals listed with our organization must have proof of vaccines and by spayed or neutered.  We cannot offer our services without this proof. We can offer vaccinations at a low cost. 

We hope this introductory letter is helpful.  Please remember that the best way to increase the odds of finding the right home is to take advantaged as an many options as you can afford.  


DiAnna Pfaff-Martin 



(949) 759-3646



Always spay, neuter, microchip, collar and tag your pets.





 Where Are Our Pets-In-Public Events? 

Fashion Island , Newport Center , Newport Beach in front of Russo’s pet store. Directions:  From 405; Exit Mac Arthur Blvd. Go towards ocean. Turn Right on San Miguel. The road dead ends at the center. Park by Macy’s. Enter the center between Macy’s and The Mac Computer store. See the carousel on left and Traditional Jewelers ahead keep walking until the jewelry store is on your on right and then you can see us halfway down the hall outside in front of Russo’s Pet Experience. WEEKENDS ONLY. See Map of shopping center:

Click the bottom of the white box on the page to get an interactive map of directions from your home to Fashion Island.

Event hours: Saturdays and Sunday’s noon – 4:00 pm ( Rain or Shine)

 Do I have to bring my pet every week? No. Reserve Cage Space by Wednesday of Each Week.

 Do I have to stay all day with my cat? It Is Advised If You Want to Place Your Cat Quickly. People often overlook animal’s that are there alone. Besides they are frightened without you and the first day is tough for all cats. They don’t; understand that they are safe and are fearful. Some very nice cats can hiss the first day.    

Can you take my cat? Unfortunately not. We have no kennel. We advertise and promote animals needing new homes through a wide spectrum of advertising and pets in public showings. We have a one-hundred percent adoption rate for those whose owners participate at the public events. .

 How long does it take to find a new home? We cannot guarantee a time. But we can say that purebred animals, declawed cats and kittens are usually chosen first. Popular colors of cats are orange and calico.

 How will I know my pet gets a good home? You will meet the new pet parents by phone or in person. Meeting the people gives your heart and mind closure and supports that you did do the right thing. You can exchange phone numbers or emails and choose to drive the animal to their house if you choose. 

 Do you place animals with behavior problems? Yes. The most common behavior problems are with cats that wee-wee because they are unhappy in their current home. Animals can become unhappy when living with new baby or another animal.  To confirm the animal does not have a medical condition we must have you provide us with urinalysis results to confirming it is a behavior problem. Sometimes the solution is a simple treatment of a urinary tract infection.

Do you place senior cats over ten? Yes with a veterinarians letterhead which would summarize a senior blood panel and urinalysis results to confirm that there are no preexisting health conditions. No one wants to adopt a vet bill! Therefore, we suggest not demand that the current pet-parent negotiate with an interested party and offer to pay for a designated amount of diagnostics at a particular animal hospital for a certain amount of time, or the animal's life-time. "Goodwill" negotiating veterinarians bills increases the chances of the animal getting adopted quickly and having a lifetime home.