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    Stories below:
  • Daisy & Riesling: eye-lid surgery
  • Momba, Manny & Target: Leukemia Cat Family


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Eyelid Reconstruction Surgery


Read Their Story: 

 Their eyelashes were rubbing on the delicate surface of the eye. OUCH!



Daisy and Riesling were 8 week old torti tabby kittens.  They were born with eyelid agenesis which is the incomplete formation of the eyelid.  Their lashes rubbed on the surface of their eyes which caused corneal edema  from the lashes rubbing.   We had to act quickly to save their eyesight and stop any corneal ulcerations. A second surgery was needed and performed to perfect the correction of the lid.

The surgery was not cosmetic; it was essential to safeguard their vision and stop the irritation and pain of their lashes rubbing on the surface of their eyes. 

Community Animal Network does not kill animals that become too expensive, nor does it restrict an animal from being rescued and adopted into a loving home because of the cost.


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 A Call For Life... 



Read Their Story Below: 

Momba (above) 

Leukemia positive momma cat

10 month old, female spayed 

Leukemia positive babies

Manny  & Target

Manny, Beautiful Black Leopard  male neutered

Target, Gorgeous Russian Blue Look, female spayed, 

READ THEIR STORY:  Feline Leukemia Positive Momba and her kittens

A cat named Momba and two of her five babies have tested positive for the feline leukemia virus. The founder of Community Animal Network DiAnna Pfaff-Martin says, "We hope the public will come forward and support our pro-quality life mission and adopt theses beautiful and sweet animals two by two. The animals have no active symptoms of the virus and their condition can be easily managed by living in a loving home that has no other cats."

The cat family must find new homes within the month, or the animals will be the first non-symptomatic animals to be euthanized in the history of the group. It is a quality of life issue. Momba and her growing babies should not live sequestered for their lifetime in a tiny room. God willing, these animals will have the ability to be adopted into a caring home. We are counting on the public to show that they respect what we do and come forward to help!

This is a difficult time for Community Animal Network and the Costa Mesa caregiver Kate Kasakoff because we love them all. Momba is a petite black cat who has been such a good mom. She really deserves better after all that she has been through. The babies that tested FeLV+ are "Target" who has a purebred Russian-Blue look and Manny a black male who looks like his mom.

The siblings Jack, Tammy and Moescha, have tested negative for the virus but will be re-tested in thirty days to determine if the test could have been negative because antigens were not yet present in the blood.

Newport Beach resident and feline practitioner, Dr. Elaine Wexler-Mitchell guided us through the protocol and timing of the appropriate testing. Dr. Wexler-Mitchell’s new book "Guide To A Healthy Cat" (available on states that FeFLV can cause latent infections, which hide quietly in the cat but may cause clinical signs months to years later.

Our organization has taken the appropriate steps to confirm the animals condition. We hope someone will focus on their ability to give life with their love and come forward to help. Call 949.533.0411 to adopt, or send your financial support to Community Animal Network, P.O. Box 8662 Newport Beach, CA, 92658. Memo your tax-deductible donation "Leukemia Cat Family" Tax ID 33-0971560. Your donation "C.A.N." make a difference in an animals life!