By DiAnna Pfaff-Martin

         Founder, Community Animal Network              Public Relations For Animals                         Animal Network of Orange County.


Penny Lane Needs An Eco-Cardiogram


Toy Chihuahua, Female

A life of uncertainty at a county animal shelter is considered by most pet-lovers to be risking death. Especially animals that are old, need costly medical procedures, or act frightened, or become fractious behind bars in a seemingly scary place.

Penny Lane became a lucky dog and beat all odds when a coworker overheard that the she was in the car and the animal control truck would soon arrive and she swept her up and took her home and called for help finding Penny Lane a new safe home. 

On the following day, the coworker excused her behavior saying it really wasn't her dog and said she was given the dog by someone who couldn't keep it.

Community Animal Network's rescue phone lines tell of many uncommitted individuals who so easily discard their pets. It saddens most animal lovers to know that not all people consider their pets' as family members.

Penny Lane had a health exam an a heart murmur was discovered. The  two year old Penny Lane will need an eco-cardiogram to determine the severity. the previous owner claims to have had no idea of a medical condition.

The tiny toy Chihuahua Penny Lane is very sweet. She gives kisses and prefers to be sitting on your lap. 

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